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Side Hustlin 101



Being a creator is not always synonymous with being paid consistently. Building a brand usually means you have to do work for long hours and low wages with hope you get to the point where you can survive and succeed off of your art. Many creators work in food service or retail to survive and do their art on the side, and usually these jobs have low wages, but the internet has provided many new ways to make money online with higher pay opportunities and more flexible hours. These side hustles below could create amazing opportunities for you to support yourself while fulfilling your creator’s purpose.

Mental Health Disclaimer:

These side hustles are suggestions for you to make money while making it as a creator but keep in mind, your mental health matters. It can be very easy to become burned out trying to work multiple jobs & projects so throughout this process make sure you take steps toward self care.Your fiscal and mental health should always come first, so when considering these opportunities please find one that balances work and life.

Final Disclaimer:

These opportunities are paid but there is not guarantee you will make a lot of money working on these platforms. When picking an opportunity please be sure to do your research and see which is best for you. Also, many of the opportunities incur cost so factor that in when deciding. For example:

  • Uber, Lyft, Doordash, & GrubHub add mileage to you car and incur gas chagres,
  • Turo requires care cleaning and adds mileage and gas charges.

Keep these in mind.

Side Hustles:


Do you have a skill like web design, voice over, or translation? Try Fiver! Fiver is an online marketplace for people to advertise and distribute their services nationally and get paid for it. As a freelancer on Fiver you will be able to accept jobs in your field of expertise as well as work in your creative field. If you do graphic design, logo creation or video work fiver could be a way to male money on your own time in your field. 

Example Video: Making $366K On Fiverr After Losing My Job

Uber & Lyft:

Ridesharing is one of the most popular jobs and side hustles in the country right now. Companies like Uber and Lyft give you the ability to turn your own personal car into a taxi where you can choose what hours you like to work. Oftentimes these ride sharing apps give new drivers bonuses as well as offer higher rates during peak hours and events. You don’t have a car? No worries! Uber has a ride to own program where you can rent cars from the company and through completing jobs on a weekly basis, you can use the car outside of work and work to own the car if you want. Lyft also has a program where you can rent a car to fulfil your driving job.So, if transportation is an issue for this opportunity or you need a car for your creator job, Lyft and Uber might be the place for you. Keep mind, due to the Covid Pandemic, there is a shortage of rideshare workers which has created many incentives for new and returning drivers. Labor shortages give workers leverage so please take advantage when you can.

Doordash & Grubhub & UberEats:

Like ridesharing, delivering food using personal vehicles has become very popular, especially during the pandemic. Instead of going to restaurants and grocery stores, many people opt to pay a premium to get food delivered to their homes as they see it as a safer option. New drivers get bonuses for signing up for these services as well as higher rates during peak hours.


Uber and Lyft are very convenient but if you have ever been on vacation and used these services as a primary mode of travel, you know they can become very expensive. When factoring in the pure cost, fees, and driver tip (Please tip guys) the bills can add up. This issue is where Turo comes in and is an opportunity for you to make money. Turo is for car rentals as Uber is to Taxis. If you have a personal car, you can put the car in Turo and have it be available for rent to visitors. Through this process, you would drop off your car to the person who rents it and they will pay a daily rate to use it. Turo is an opportunity for you to get value from your car when you are not using it.

Pro Tip: You can set the pick/ drop off points for your car with you renter, so I recommend placing them near public transit stations, making it easier and cheaper to get back home after giving your car. Or if you have a bike you can attach it to your car and take it off before drop off. 


Don’t mind cleaning? Want to work as a handyman?  Handy might be the platform for you! Many people need cleaners and professionals to come to their homes to complete tasks and will pay to do so. Handy is a platform where you can sell your services. Handy will allow you to accept jobs on your schedule and will pay you for your services. 

Fat Lama:

Do you own a camera, scooter, drone, or bike? You can rent it on Fat Lama! Fat lama is a service that allows you to rent personal items on their platforms. You can put any item for rent on Fat Lama and all rentals are local so you will not have to ship these items to the renter. You both can just meet and hand off the items. 

Mobile Notary:

Notaries are individuals that have the authority anywhere within their state or county to Witness or attest signature or execution of deeds and other written instruments; Take acknowledgments; Administer oaths and affirmations in all matters incidental to their duties as commercial officers: take verifications upon oath or affirmation; and make certified copies. Notaries vary state by state but usually a person would have to pass a test  and get an official notary stamp to perform the duties. Once certified as a notary, you can become a mobile notary, a person who goes to the people that need documents notarized or witnessed and are willing to pay a premium for it. There are many services that pay people to become mobile notaries on their platforms, so once you have your badge, look into them. 

Transcribe Me:

Meetings, vidoes, and podcasts are all things that may need to be transcribed onto paper and in different languages. This is where a service called Transcribe Me, comes into play. This platform connects those who transcribe language and audio as well as Data Annotation and AI transcription.  

Task Rabbit

Some people need help with moving, building furniture, and event staffing and are willing to pay individuals to complete these task. Taskrabbit allows you to offer your services for pay and work with them.