Content By Us is an awareness campaign created by and for youth of color who use storytelling as a force for self-empowerment and transformative justice.

Content By Us is building a powerful collective of storytellers that actively shift and evolve the narrative of mainstream media to highlight and center our stories. Content By Us is focused on empowering young and multicultural creatives, with an emphasis on elevating the stories of youth of color.

Launched in December 2019 as a campus-based group named Stories By Us, the initial focus of Content By Us was to create a space for young Black creatives to connect, collaborate, and learn with each other.

Content By Us was developed on the framework that storytelling can amplify the stories of others and empower individuals to claim and tell our own stories.

Content By Us aims to provide pathways for emerging underrepresented creators and activists to use storytelling strategically during this turning point in history. The role that media plays is particularly important to the Content By Us community as media – in all its forms – has the unique power to shape the way the world thinks, grows, and expands.

Content By Us vigorously advocates for the media itself to be an accurate representation of the diversity existing in the United States.