We are young storytellers of color who use media as a force for social change.


Content By Us is an awareness campaign created by and for young content creators of color who use digital media and art as a revolutionary tool. Using the power of our digital platforms, Content By Us vigorously advocates for the media itself to represent and elevate the diverse narratives across the United States.


📣 CALLING ALL YOUNG CREATORS! we’re accepting applications for our Creators Network! BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ creators are strongly encouraged to apply. 

➡️ fill out the application at: youthcreator.network (link in our bio)

💡The Youth Creator Network is a mutually empowering ...community created BY and FOR young creatives who use multimedia storytelling as a revolutionary tool. 

as part of the network, you’d be able to:
- collaborate on paid multimedia projects with other creators 
- find community in our identity-based affinity groups (which currently serve women/femmes of color, youth of color, and LGBTQIA+ youth)
- take advantage of our skill-building events, tools, and resources
- get involved in content creation opportunities with social good organizations 

🗯 as a youth of color-led network that heavily believes in the power of diversity and representation, we welcome creatives across ALL mediums and backgrounds to apply. 

good luck! we can’t wait to get to know y’all ✨

✨ANNOUNCEMENT✨ The Youth Creator Network is now home to Content By Us!

as a youth of color-led network of creators who use storytelling to prompt social change, we’re expanding our network in order to best empower each other as artists and changemakers.

➡️ soon, we’ll ...be opening up applications to The Youth Creator Network, which is home to multiple identity-based affinity groups — including Content By Us, our campaign specifically designed to empower young creatives of color.

stay tuned for exciting things ahead! 👀🌟

can’t believe we’ve still gotta be breaking these records at the NINETY-THIRD Oscars... but we deserve to celebrate some of the awesome wins we saw last night 😌

ON FRIDAY, APRIL 30: Young people will address the nation on the Biden Administration’s 100th day in office. hosted by the youth-led campaign @youthactionhour, this video special will outline our continued priorities for change.
➡️ RSVP: youthactionhour.org

🎨 art and resources put together by @aminasalahou

we MUST demand justice for Daunte Wright and the countless other victims of police violence and racism. swipe for some resources to start.

✨CREATOR TAKEOVER✨ — Glesaidys Eve. ICYMI, we‘re putting poet and dancer Glesaidys Eve’s (@glesaidys) full Instagram takeover on here for y’all to hear all about her creative journey whenever, wherever 🗣💫


yesterday, we featured Glesaidys Eve (@glesaidys), an Afro-Latina poet, dancer, and model from the NYC area. swipe to learn more, and check out our story to catch some of her takeover in action!

🔌 to support Glesaidys’ work, visit:
her Instagram, ...@glesaidys 
her creative platform, @que_viva_la_revolucion

➡️ support the organization Glesaidys wants y’all to check out — Give Some Hope (@give_some_hope)

friendly remember for anyone that needs it: GO UPDATE THAT PORTFOLIO AND PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD 🗣🗣🗣

in light of the recent rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans, we commissioned some young Asian artists to express how they’re feeling in this moment, and processing the acts of brutality against their communities.

🖌 artist Vivian (@meowvian) had this to say about her art piece:...

“When asked to draw a piece about anti-asian hate crimes, I wasn't really sure what to draw... I decided to make the piece a bit more personal because although my family has personally never experienced a hate crime, the fear has definitely affected our lives. As the breadwinner of our family, my mom commutes by train to work in NYC. Luckily, because of covid she has had the privilege of being able to work at home. But I always think about what happens when things start to be in-person again. While covid may disappear one day, will the hate still continue? When my mom starts to take the trains again, not knowing what will happen to her when she leaves the house has definitely become a growing fear.”

in light of the recent rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans, we commissioned some young Asian artists to express how they’re feeling in this moment, and processing the acts of brutality against their communities.

🖌 artist Jenny Kim (@bigshinygold), who created this painting ...titled “In Quiet”, had the following to say about the piece:

“I had trouble thinking of a title for it, but I kept thinking of the concept ‘voiceless’.
I’ve been thinking about the Asian American attitude toward racism… A lot of people like to call us ‘quiet’, but that takes away the attention from the obvious oppressors and systematic racism in America, because I think instead of being quiet to begin with, our voices are taken from us and a lot of us feel like there’s no other way but to feel safe in silence.”

🌟 some good news to help us start this week off 😌

for the first time in the SAG Awards’ 27-year history, actors of color swept ALL FOUR film acting awards:

“The late Chadwick Boseman won outstanding performance by a male actor in a leading role for his role in Ma ...Rainey’s Black Bottom. Viola Davis won the equivalent award for a female actor for playing blues great Rainey in the same film.

A third Black actor, Daniel Kaluuya, took the award for for outstanding performance by a male actor in a supporting role for Judas and the Black Messiah. And Young Yuh-jung, who was born in South Korea, took the equivalent award for a female supporting actor for her work in Minari.”

source: “At 2021 SAG Awards, Actors of Color Swept All Four Film Acting Awards (Yes, That’s a First)” by Paul Grein for billboard.com

📣 CALLING YOUNG BIPOC ARTISTS: @YouthActionHour is offering paid performance opportunities as part of their upcoming event, “Day 100: Young People Address the Nation.”

➡️if you’re interested, fill out the form at contentbyus.org/yah

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